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May 25, 2015
Denison Renovates the Granville Inn
Mt. Vernon News

GRANVILLE — The results of a large investment for Denison University were celebrated in grand fashion Thursday evening. The unveiling of a multi-million dollar project was made public when Denison University introduced its newest acquisition — a completely remodeled Granville Inn.

Opening Thursday’s ceremony was Melissa Hartfield, mayor of the village of Granville.

“The Granville Inn is one of the anchors of our business community. Its purchase and restoration are important to our vitality, our history and also the survival of our downtown,” said Hartfield. “The Village of Granville and Denison University have worked diligently to strengthen our relationships on all levels.”

Adam Weinberg, president of Denison University, gave thanks to all those involved in the renovation project.

“Quite frankly, I’m really proud of a college, that when something needs to be done, they step up and do it,” said Weinberg. “Downtown Granville is not just important to Granville. It’s important to Licking County. It’s one of the great treasures of the Columbus metropolitan region. I’m very proud that we’ve done this project, and it symbolizes something larger which is Denison’s commitment to Granville. And it symbolizes its strength in leadership that we have with the village.”

Remarks were also heard from Daniel Delawder, chairman of Park National Bank, speaking on behalf of all funders; Jeremy Johnson, vice president of Robertson Construction, overseeing the project; and Charles Lagarce, president of Columbus Hospitality Management, who will be operating the Inn.

The Granville Inn was opened in 1924 by John Sutphin Jones. Denison purchased the Inn in 2013 for $1.25 million. A $9 million renovation ensued, taking just over a year to complete.

The renovation process was overseen by Robertson Construction of Heath. As many as 29 subcontractors contributed to the project, and every effort was made to work with local craftsmen and source local materials. Efforts were also made to maintain as many of the historic and traditional elements as possible. Updates were also made in a way that is current and reflective of the demands of today’s consumers.

Among the improvements made to the Inn were modernized, mechanicals including plumbing and electrical, HVAC, fire alarms, and stateof- the-art audio-visual equipment. There is a new restaurant and catering kitchen. New passenger and freight elevators provide access to all levels of the Inn. Attic space was converted to add 10 additional hotel rooms, bringing the total number of rooms to 39. All guest rooms were completely renovated, including three suites. The former pub space and formal dining room were swapped to create a larger tavern space and a more intimate fine dining area. Denison Hall received a complete facelift, with higher ceilings, new carpeting, updated fixtures and artwork. The former carriage house was transformed into a new event space with large doors opening into a walled courtyard.

“This is a true example of Denison utilizing their resources to help save something that not only they value but also the entire community values,” said Hartfield. “That is the true definition of a healthy, positive, functioning relationship.”